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Rescue is a Rollercoaster

10 AM

Sorrow is what we felt the moment we heard Lady was killed. Lady was tagged by us and we had made arrangements to pick her up from the shelter in Laredo and take her to San Antonio later that day.

She would be vetted and come in transport the following day. She was killed along with her unborn puppies. Tears in our eyes and heaviness in our hearts.



2 PM

We received a message about a pregnant dog that was scheduled to be euthanized at 3 PM. We HAD to save her life and the lives of her puppies.

We needed someone to pick her up, a vet appointment and a place for her to spend the night - and we did! A local volunteer picked her up at 2:45 PM.

We found a vet to see her and a boarding kennel for her to spend the night. The following morning, Tammy Rae was in transport and safely made her way to her foster home in Canada.

6 AM - May 16 

Puppies! 11 beautiful, healthy, tiny, loving puppies are born in the safety of a home with the care and love of a foster family.

Rescue is a rollercoaster of emotions. We mourn the loss of Lady and her unborn puppies and celebrate the birth of Tammy Rae’s puppies.


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