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Sweetie…A Hero

Earlier this year, we shared the story of Sweetie (a Great Pyrenees) who had lived her entire life tethered to a tree.  Sweetie chewed through her rope, ran across the road and was hit by a car.  A good Samaritan saw the accident and got her to a vet immediately.  NDR was asked to help this sweet girl when the original owner instructed the vet to euthanize her, as they could not afford the surgery.  

Six months and two surgeries later, Sweetie (now Lily) is rehabilitating nicely with her amazing foster family here in Canada.

A few weeks ago, Sweetie was outside on her foster family’s deck that overlooks a yard and body of water. It was dusk and suddenly Sweetie started barking and whining.  This was very unusual for this quiet and docile girl.  Her foster parent looked out and could not see anything.  Sweetie continued with the barking and crying while trying to jump over the railing.  Her foster then went out into the yard and down by the water.  That is where he discovered an elderly neighbour who had fallen into the ditch that meets up with the water.  The person was entwined in vines and could not get up. The neighbour was rescued and thankfully is doing fine.  But if not for Sweetie, this person would have been in the water all night and possibly drowned.  The neighbour is extremely grateful to Sweetie and her fosters for the extraordinary and inexplicable skills to come to their aid.  Sweetie is a hero!  Great job Sweetie! We are NDR proud!

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