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Meet Sonya (20231002-03)

In June 2023, Watchdog conducted a raid on a notorious slaughterhouse in Cheonan, infamous for its brutal and inhumane methods of animal slaughter. The conditions within the aged facility were nothing short of devastating. Both dogs and goats showed clear signs of severe malnutrition. Food and water bowls were filthy with old food scraps. A thorough investigation by Watchdog uncovered substantial evidence of the harsh conditions and animal mistreatment within the facility. This evidence led the authorities in Cheonan to intervene and the owner was forced to relinquish ownership. Among them, nine dogs were rescued by CARE.
Comments: Sonya is a sweet playful girl who is looking for her forever family.
Sonya loves to play with people and her toys, loves the outside and would love an active family.
Sonya is still getting used to sounds and can be scared easily by the vacuum or even a door unexpectedly closing. Due to this we would recommend that until she bonds with her new people you treat her as a flight risk.
If you are looking for a dog to go on runs or long walks, Sonya would be a great companion.
Due to her energy we would recommend older children or ones that are very dog savvy.
Sonya is extremely trainable and has learned to sit in a very short time.
Based on Sonya’s beginning she is very protective of her food. If you have another dog we recommend feeding them in different rooms until she gets comfortable and understands that food is not in short supply, otherwise she growls and guards her food.
Sonya will be an amazing family dog, once she decompresses and starts to learn English, coming from Korea she is used to hearing a whole different language.


Category: In Ontario
Size Range: Extra Large (76 LBs or more)
Weight: 70-80 lbs.
Age Range: Adult (1 Year – 7 Years)
Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Breed: Jindo mix
Legacy: No
Color: Cream
Good With Kids: Yes

older or dog savvy children due to her energy

Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes
Good With Cats: No
Housebroken: Working on it
Crate Trained: Working on it
Energy Level: Medium


Can be handled / touched Yes
Flight Risk: Yes

especially with new sounds

Food Aggressive: Yes

she can be protective of her food and should be fed separate from other dogs

Walks On Leash: Yes
Destructive: No
Needs a Yard: Yes

she loves being outside and active

Needs a Home With a Second Dog: No
Can Live in Apartment: No
Special Needs: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
From: Korea

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