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Meet WishBone (20230815-08)

Foster Insights/ Backstory: WishBone was found on the side of the road as a stray. It was Feb. and very cold here in Texas. He was already a couple months old when the finder picked him up. She initially reached out for help and just wanted advice on wormer and vaccines as she planned on keeping him.
Due to some personal issues she later reached out to see if I could find him a new home. Wish Bone is a sweet little guy. He is very energetic and needs an adopter that is up for his energy. He does calm down and is very loving. He lived in a home for 7 months then went in a foster home. He has been here almost a
year and he has adjusted well. He is very friendly.. not shy.. just my little wild child!!!


Category: Arriving soon
Size Range: Medium (26 LBs - 50 LBs)
Weight: 40 lbs.
Age Range: Adult (1 Year – 7 Years)
Age: 1.5 Years
Sex: Male
Breed: Rat Terrier Mix
Legacy: No
Color: White/black/brown
Good With Kids: Yes

lived with a 4 year old child for 7 months.

Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes

lived with 2 other dogs. Plays well with foster siblings.

Good With Cats: Yes

lived with 2 cats for 7 months.

Housebroken: Yes

He lived in a home for 7 months… He will just need monitored in new environment.

Crate Trained: Yes
Energy Level: Medium

Medium to High Playful Pup. He is small but jumps around a lot and very energetic which is normal for his breed

Can be handled / touched Yes
Flight Risk: Yes

He has been known to jump a tall fence but has not tried here. Only at his 1st home.

Food Aggressive: No

but Eats in his kennel alone.

Walks On Leash: Yes

Previous owner used a harness

Destructive: No

His previous owner said he would dig in yard and chew things. He is still young and should be monitored in a new environment.

Needs a Yard: Yes

He has lots of energy and likes to run and play. Needs tall fence

Needs a Home With a Second Dog: No

He does play with foster siblings here so is used to having a playmate, but loves people attention so as long as he gets plenty of attention he would probably be happy. He is very energetic so he either needs a playmate or lots of people attention/active home.

Can Live in Apartment: No
Special Needs: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
From: Texas

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