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Well behaved

An update from Jane Martindale and Jim Bentley, adoptive parents of Cacho....
To say things are going well with Cacho is a massive understatement!  He has adapted to our home better than we ever hoped for.  He’s got his own crate in our bedroom that he goes into willing every night and settles in until the alarm goes off in the morning.  He goes into our dog pen with our other guys before being fed breakfast like he’s done it his whole life and knows exactly where to go to get his breakfast.

We go to the leash free dog park after breakfast, a 23 acre, fully fenced-in, Doggy Disney World.  He has gone from exploring the whole park to travelling along with the other dogs and us on the pathways we take.  He has become a fully fledged member of our family to our absolute delight.  After the dog park hour we go to a local restaurant for coffee and sit on their dog friendly patio along with his new best friend Audrey.  He gets treats from the waitresses and kitchen staff and plenty of loving from the other patrons while relaxes quietly with Audrey as we drink our coffee.

After the restaurant he comes home and relaxes on the couch with Audrey for the rest of the day until dinner time and for outdoor time in the dog pen.  That is pretty much the way his day goes all the time.  Needless to say we love him to pieces and couldn’t be happier that he joined our family.  The only time he creates a fuss is on the way to the dog park in the morning as he just can’t wait to get there and run free!


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