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Meet Rosey (20230316-01)

Foster Comments: Rosey is a very smart dog who is EXTREMELY food motivated. This makes learning tricks very
easy! She has learned: sit, stay, lay down, spin, shake, pray. Also if you drop food on the floor,
she will wait and give you eye contact and wait for you to say ‘okay’ before eating it. Her
favourite foods: bananas, cheese, blueberries, ANY DOG TREATS, frozen strawberries, frozen
peas, peanut butter. She loves having treats or PB put in her Kong and then frozen. It also
keeps her quiet for 15 mins!!
Rosey loves to be outside playing a good game of fetch, tug of war, popping bubbles or just to run in an enclosed space. She enjoys have a job to do (such as fetch) and gets enjoyment out of completing her job. Her recall is getting better, but isn't consistent yet.
Being a puppy, she still needs to be told when to rest, so we use the crate for nap times and she is in her crate every night for bedtime.
Rosey can be a nervous dog and would do best in a quieter household with no young children. She doesn't like loud noises or sudden movements, or strange sounds (like crying) however is fine with fireworks and thunderstorms. When she gets scared, she can jump or bark and sometimes when she gets excited she can nip. She would benefit from an adopter who can continue her training and responds best to calm consistent training with gestures rather than words.


Category: In Ontario
Size Range: Large (51 LBs - 75 LBs)
Weight: 55 lbs
Age Range: Adult (1 Year – 7 Years)
Age: 1 year 10 months
Sex: Female
Breed: Shepherd/husky/lab mix
Legacy: No
Color: Tan & black
Good With Kids: Yes

16+ only as she is scared around younger kids

Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes

she loves a playdate with a trusted dog. When she meets a new dog, she often lies down and waits to see what they do and will respond in kind.

Good With Cats: No

she wants to play with them and can play rough

Housebroken: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes

it is good to give her some crate time if she starts to get too much energy to decompress

Energy Level: Medium

Medium to high

Can be handled / touched Yes
Flight Risk: No
Food Aggressive: Yes

she can guard her food

Walks On Leash: Yes

she loves going for walks and walks best with a slip lead or gentle leader

Destructive: Yes

blankets, socks, kleenex and soft toys; she loves to chew and does well with Tuffy Bones, Benebones and her kong

Needs a Yard: Yes


Needs a Home With a Second Dog: Yes

she would do best with a well socialized dog that would be a source of calm leadership for Rosey

Can Live in Apartment: No
Special Needs: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
From: Texas

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